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Hsinchu Hash House Harriers is a monthly HHH chapter running in the greater Hsinchu County area, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Hash House Harriers (H3) is an international social running and drinking club, better yet a drinking club with a running problem, or is it the other way around?… Anywho, Hsinchu HHH follows the tradition of live haring, meaning a runner (named a hare or harriette) starts running a pre-planned trail through the woods or mountainside of Taiwan. The hare (and co-hare) set the trail with flour blobs and chalk marks designating the trail. During the trail obstacles are presented to challenge and confuse the runners (Hounds) intending to buy the hares enough time to complete the run without being caught.

So what was this about a social drinking club? Funny you should ask, well as the social animals we are, we encourage your individual choice of having the social beverage or two before, during, and after the run. In fact, a standard obstacle that the Hsinchu Hash has on our runs, is the Beer Check, where you’ll have a chance to relax from your running (mostly walking) of the trail and enjoy a cool brew or water.

And if that weren’t enough, at the end of the run, the hashing Circle is led in a ceremony led by your GM (Grand Masturbator or whatever other clever acronym you have for the title) where we honor your grand accomplishments (mostly humiliations) of the day with sometimes witty banter or a song and always a hoppy beverage in what is known as the down down.

Following the day’s run and down down ceremony, those hashers who wish to participate are welcome to come to a large dinner organized for everyone called the bash, where the beer flows like wine and women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano, no, I’m not talking about Aspen… this is a place called Hsinchu.